Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom Continue Their Tradition of Looking Scandalous in Photos

Over the weekend, Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom were spotted together in Vegas, and according to TMZ they were doing just about everything you can do in public without some bouncer telling you to get a room already.

This includes kissing, hugging, and neck-nuzzling, whatever the fuck that is.

As you can see, the pictures are pretty grainy, so it’s hard to figure out exactly what’s going on.

In the bottom right picture, they’re definitely hugging, in the upper right picture, Selena is maybe trying to look for a polite excuse to exit the conversation, but it’s very unclear what’s going on in the picture on the left.

That’s the one that worries us.

Now, under ordinary circumstances, we’re all for Selena Gomez getting all the Orlando Bloom action she wants, but there’s a problem and her name is Katy Perry.

By all accounts, Orlando and Katy are probably dating right now, so unless they’re not exclusive, then we fear for the well-being of their twin pet Tamagotchis.

Although, seeing as Taylor Swift already has bad blood with Katy, what would really be lost if Selena followed her BFF’s lead?

Of course, this situation is complicated by the fact that this isn’t the first time Selena and Orlando have looked scandalous in a photo together.

It happened for the first time 2 years ago, when a paparazzo found the two of them sitting on the ground outside a Chelsea Handler show.

Orlando was caught looking like the cigarette smoking pirate he is, while Selena kind of looked like she was  very embarrassed to be seen talking to him.

At the time they were both single, and the popular rumor was that they were hooking up/pretending to hook up to get back at Justin Bieber who either had sex with Orlando’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr, or just wanted Orlando to think that.

The whole situation got pretty complicated, but seeing as Orlando and Justin got into a fist fight in Ibiza one time, we’re pretty sure something went down along the line.

So what does all this mean for Selena and Orlando?

Probably nothing.

But we guarantee you, the truth will come out, even if we have to wait until Justin, Selena and Orlando are old, grey and in the “commissioning biographies of my life” stage to hear it.

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