Selena Gomez Is Dropping Huge Hints About a Hot Colombian Singer

Selena may have spent all last year single, but she’s dropping huge hints something’s going down between her and a hot new Columbian singer.

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Meet Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known as Maluma.

Maluma is a 22-year-old Columbian singer with 19.2 million followers on Instagram, one MTV millennial award, a wardrobe that seems to suggest he’s a fuckboy, and a big thing for wistfully smelling women’s lacy underwear while sitting shirtless on an unmade bed.

He also has a thing for suspenders.


While the paparazzi haven’t caught Selena and Maluma neck nuzzling in the club yet, there’s a lot going on between them online.

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After following each other on Instagram and branching out into liking each other’s photos, Selena went so far to post a photo of her hands holding a microphone and caption it, “Vente pa’ ca,” the title of one of his most popular songs which translates to “come here.”

Vente pa’ ca

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Whether these are not so subtle signs of online flirting or just a sign that a Selena Gomez ft. Maluma track is in the works — Selena is back in the studio after all and Maluma’s currently working on his followup album to his last album, “Pretty Boy Dirty Boy” — Selena clearly isn’t trying to hide that something’s going on.

And why should she?

Celeb love life speculation makes the news cycle go round, and it doesn’t hurt album sales either.

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