Miley And Stella Sitting In A Tree, G-R-O-P-I-N-G

In case you missed it, sometime last week the world decided that Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxwell were secretly dating.  Blame it on the fact that everybody knows Miley is down for “everything that’s legal” and that the two seem to have a highly affectionate relationship and were seen walking out of a hotel together, but now their budding relationship is becoming the talk of the town.  And yesterday, thanks to a little video from the good ole folks at TMZ, it looks like things are heating up between the two: but is it really?


In the video, Miley And Stella are spotted hanging out the parking lot in Hollywood, hanging out between takes of Miley’s new music video (which should be for #GETITRIGHT, but probably isn’t).  While things start out innocently enough with the two women engaging in a standing hug, things quickly pick up steam as they begin to make out and indulge in some light butt touching before Stella pulls down her pants, presumably to get a little rub down between takes (shooting a music video can be soo stressful).

While I’m supportive of anybody who manages to share the same bed with Stella Maxwell (sexual or otherwise), it would be a lot easier to accept at face value if they didn’t know the video was being taken from the start.  Within the first eight seconds of the video, both women clearly make eye contact with the camera, and clearly make the decision to give them what they came for.  But then again, friends don’t stick their hands down each other’s pants…well, unless they’re very drunk and secretly very attracted to each other.

But like, real talk, it must be so frustrating to spend your time advocating for transexual acceptance and homeless youth, and all anybody cares about is whether or not you’re a lesbian (and since Miley has described herself as “not even bisexual, not even trisexual,” it’s clear that’s not the way she views herself”).

But whatever, she’s just being Miley. Interpret her actions as you will – she’s just gonna keep living her life.  Accept that for now, you just won’t know whether or not she and Stella Maxwell are actually dating.

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