Kendall Announced Her Own Squad & Half the Members Are From Taylor’s

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a war ravaging Hollywood’s young Instafamous elite right now.

And it’s not just any war, it’s a squad war.

On the one side is Taylor Swift. Her squad includes literally everybody who’s even kind of an anyone, but while her squad used to roll 9 deep to awards shows and bake cookies with each other constantly, as Taylor’s grip on her own popularity and likability has crumbled to the ground, so has her squad’s loyalty.

It’s sad, sort of, but not surprising. Her squad always reaked of opportunism.

On the other side is Kendall Jenner. Her squad is smaller, which is probably because Kenny’s a scorpio and kind of lazy when it comes to finding new friends, but who cares because they’re fiercely loyal.

Kendall’s squad is made up of Hailey Baldwin.


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Gigi Hadid.

boob talk @gigihadid @voguemagazine

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Cara Delevingne.

still can’t hear #Glastonbury #CaKe

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Here’s where you may notice something kind of interesting: two out of three of these friends, Gigi and Cara, are also in Taylor Swift’s group.

But whereas their friendship with T Swift amounts to hanging out with her every now and then and saying nice things about her in the press, their friendships with Kendall are so rock solid that they even have their own widely recognized nicknames.  CaKe, for Cara and Kendall, and KenGi, for Kendall and Gigi.

While the fact that Kendall has a squad has always been a thing, Kendall just took things up a whole new notch and told Allure that her squad is so official that they have their own name.

“This is going to sound really, really lame, but we all call ourselves the Super Natural Friend Group,” she told Allure. “Because we all have such cool individual lives and we’ve been dreaming about them since we were so young.”

TBH, it does sound kind of lame, but at least she owns up to it!

She also added that if she doesn’t like you, it’s pretty much impossible for you to ever join the ranks.

“I’m a scorpio,” Kendall said, “so I stick to people. If I love you, I love. If I don’t like you, you’re screwed.”

Which is good news for Hailey, Gigi and Cara, but bad news for every other member of T Swift’s squad who may be looking to jump ship in the coming weeks/months as Kendall continues where Kim left off in completely eviscerating her social standing.

Can’t wait to see the petty depths this squad war ends up playing out to!

We smell blood, and we’re LIVING FOR IT.

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