People Spend This Percentage Of Their Lives Having Sex

Considering how much people talk about sex, you’d think it was a pretty frequent activity. Unfortunately for our egos, people on average spend .45% of their lifetime having sex, according to a new study done by Reebok.

Before you start sharing this article on your Facebook and proclaiming that you’ve easily broken this statistic, remember that it’s an average. If you’re getting freaky every day, three times a day, whatever, go you. But this study was done by interviewing over 9,000 people from the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Russia, and Korea; so we’d say it’s pretty accurate.

The survey didn’t necessarily define what “sex” meant, which means that it’s not clear if survey respondents included the entire act of sex, or only penetration, or also oral sex, etc. Maybe everyone is just going to third base instead of having sex and that’s why this statistic is so low? Or it could potentially be the fact that guys simply don’t last long during sex?

In reality, people are just having less sex. Some of us are too busy, some of us are too picky, but most of us simply want to feel a connection with someone before jumping into bed, especially women.

On the bright side, most happy couples only have sex once a week, according to a study done at The University of Toronto. So maybe not having sex 24/7 is actually a good thing.

This leads us to ask, what are people doing with their lives if they’re not having much sex? In a depressing, but unsurprising turn of events, the average person spends 29.75% of their life sitting down. Okay, that’s actually not horrible, but it sounds a lot less fun than sex.

The study done by Reebok is a party of their 25,915 Days project, dedicated to pushing humanity to do more with our lives, or at least more than just sit down. Even though we all don’t seem to get laid that often, at least we’re in it together.

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