The Next Big Sex Trend Might Be All About Love

A slightly terrifying but also interesting op-ed article, “What Teen Girls Really Want From Relationships (Hint: it’s Not Just Sex)” was published by Fox News yesterday, which claims that girls are all victims of feminism, but also nods to an emerging trend in the conversation regarding young women’s sexuality.

“For decades, feminists have conditioned young women to use their sexuality the way men use theirs,” writes author Suzanne Venker. “Yet a romp in the hay is not what girls want.What they want is to be loved. And at such a tender age, it is all too easy to conflate the two.”

This is an arguable statement, but either way, lots of other people are starting to feel similarly to Suzanne Venker. Friends on my Facebook feed have started posting about demisexuality, a type of sexual orientation that ties physical attraction to romance in a similar fashion. Bustle and Huffington Post have also recently written about what it means to identify as a demisexual.

Demisexuals, according to, are those who “can only experience sexual attraction after an emotional bond has been formed. The thing that makes them different from asexuals is that they are capable of feeling sexual attraction — it’s just that it only happens after they form a deep emotional bond with someone.”

Could this be you? Here’s a quiz to see if you should identify as a demisexual.

Millennials aren’t having that much sex, so Suzanne Venker could be onto something. “Females have always put love before sex—that’s what makes them special by nature,” she writes in her essay.Is demisexuality a new trend that we should all get on board with? Or is this just the kind of relationship we’ve wanted all along?

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