This Is How Often Happy Couples Have Sex, It Might Surprise You

When you imagine your ideal “happy couple,” you probably envision two lovers who can’t keep their hands off of each other, that jump each other’s bones whenever they get a chance. Even when you look inward into your own relationships, in the early stages it does seem like you and your partner are having a ton of sex, and it’s pretty fucking awesome.

However, a recent study done at the University of Toronto proves that more sex does not equal a better relationship. In fact, the study results, published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal, shows that the average happy couple only has sex once a week.

Once a week? To our horny millennial brains, that might sound like a death sentence. Images of couples who schedule sex once a week with the lights off in their bedroom dance in our heads. However, this study was taken from a sample of over 30,000 participants within the past 40 years, and we have to account for some averages.

First off, this couple was only regarding couples, not singles. Secondly, this study  encompasses all ages, genders, and durations of relationships. The findings didn’t differ in young adult vs. middle aged couples.

The study found that the average happy couple has sex once a week, they didn’t state that having sex more or less necessarily means that you are unhappy. They did find that more sex leads to more happiness, but this trend dropped off after the sex once a week marker. Our theory behind this is that although sex is awesome, a happy relationship involves many more factors. Sometimes, the best sex in your relationship happens right before you break up because sleeping together is the only time the two partners are actually happy with each other. In addition, doesn’t the best sex with your partner seem to happen when you’ve been away from each other for a short amount of time? It’s almost as if having less sex makes the times when you do have sex more enjoyable and passionate.

The study authors hypothesized that the reason for the once a week average is because couples are happy having sex what they think is a “normal” amount. Previous studies have found that the average couple has sex once a week, so people are confident knowing that they aren’t diverting away from the norm in their relationship. Personally, we say fuck it and have sex however much you want in your relationship, but that’s just us.

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