The Kardashians Went Straight to McDonald’s After The Yeezy Show

Is there ever a bad time to get McDonald’s?

Honestly, no. Whether it’s 3 am after the club or 10 am to nurse your hangover, Mickey D’s is always a lit choice.

And guess what? The Kardashian-Jenner clan thinks so too. After Yeezy’s show today, they all hopped in their Ubers (or private cars, whatever they use to get around these days) and headed straight for the first McDonald’s they could find.

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Kim documented the gourmet outing on her Snapchat, and Bella Hadid came along for the delicacies too.


Honestly, can you imagine how lit that McDonald’s is right now? Like, imagine casually chomping on some chicken nugs and slurping up a vanilla shake, looking up from your iPhone and seeing Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner strutting around in space buns with huge bags of food in their hands?

Iconic. Truly.

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Honestly, this is more of a reason than ever to never feel bad about heading into Mickey D’s for some good old fashioned American cuisine.

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