Yeezy Season 5 Actually Looks Different From Usual

Since Kanye West’s last fashion show was kind of a hot mess logistics-wise, Kanye did a surprisingly sensible thing for his season 5 show, which took place earlier today.

He changed things up.

The show started on time, no models fainted, and most importantly, the clothes weren’t just athletic wear in skin color shades.

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The show began with a series of rotating projections of models wearing the season 5 collection projected onto a black curtain.

There was a lot of denim, camo, duffle bags, rodeo/astronaut onesis, and oversized athletic wear with LA neighborhood names like “Calabasas,” “Lost Hills,” and “Agoura” on them.

Clearly Kanye and Kylie have similar reference points when it comes to their most recent collections.


Oh, and there were also some new sneakers that inexplicably reminded me of dolphins.

After the projections ended, the models came out IRL and walked down the runway in what can only be described as a let’s get this over with so we can get to our next gig pace.

After the show Kanye did not come out afterwards, nor did he premiere any new music.

Honestly, even though the show wasn’t anywhere near as manic as Yeezy shows have been in the past, it also didn’t seem near as exciting.

And the clothes may look different, but not necessarily in a new and exciting way.

Yes, they look wearable and on trend, but you know they’re still gonna cost hundreds of dollars.

Still, at least Kanye tried something different.

After four collections of nearly identical designs, it was time for a change.

And who knows, maybe Season 6 can actually be innovative as well.

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