A Fashion Editor Just Called Yeezy Season 4 an ‘Abomination’

Kanye West presented the fourth season of his collection with Adidas this afternoon and the fashion world is not happy about it.

To be more specific, Cut editor Stella Bugbee unleashed a tweet storm in which she called the show an “abomination” and said “Adidas should be ashamed of themselves,” after models were seen passing out with no one from Adidas helping them get up.

Also, we saw on the livestream that at least two models’ shoes basically fell apart when they were walking, which is not exactly a good sign in terms of Yeezy’s craftsmanship.

But let’s back up. What could have been so awful about the show? Well for starters, Kanye made fashion editors and glitterati take a decidedly un-glam shuttle bus all the way out to Roosevelt Island for the show. Kanye sprung for some drones to show the rest of us plebes on Tidal what we were missing.


Also annoying: he kept everyone waiting two hours for the show to begin. Fashion shows rarely start at the appointed time, but they’re usually only about a half hour late — not two full hours.

The show also took place entirely outside, and according to our sources on the ground, it was hot as balls out. The clothes were also pretty boring. The most exciting thing was probably a pair of see-through over-the-knee boots, and Kim already wore those.

But anyway, now that we’ve set our scene, let’s get to Stella’s tweets.

Stella Bugbee is The Cut’s editorial director, meaning her opinion matters. Here’s what she had to say about the show.


We don’t know what else to add except: we’ll take your ticket next time, Stellz!

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