Kim Kardashian Just Freed the Entire Boob Twice In One Day

Two weeks ago, Kim Kardashian boldly went where no sober American vacationing in Mexico has gone before and dared to bare her entire boob for the camera.

It was a majestic moment, and Kim looked really hot.

Yesterday, she did the same damn thing in New York. Twice.

The fun started off while the sun was still up and Kanye was still diligently working in the studio to put the finishing touches on whatever the fuck he’s doing today for NYFW.

Kim stepped out of the $25 million NYC penthouse Airbnb is letting her and Kanye live in for the low low cost of saying nice things about them once a week on social media, wearing an outfit we’ll affectionately dub misguided.

Kim wore an oversized Pablo denim jacket, jorts, thigh high clear perspex heels, one of those clear chokers that says things in rhinestones (this one read “saint”), and a clear mesh bra.

Then, after the sun went down and it was time to head to Madison Square Garden and watch her husband turn up for a crowd of moshing stans, Kim wore a super shiny see through dress and those Balenciaga boots that made North West decide to give up on walking in heels early while her feet still had a chance.

Obviously, Kimmy is trying to start a trend.

Start burning your bras, babes.

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