McDonald’s Might Start Delivering Next Year

Drive-thru used to be convenient enough, but now, it’s all about delivery.

McDonald’s is trying to hop on the new trend of delivery food services by introducing their own. Because sometimes, the five step walk to your car is just too treacherous, even when you’re really craving chicken nugs.

Everyone’s favorite fast food chain has announced plans to launch food delivery programs in 2017, towards the end of January. They’re starting by rolling out the service in 200 Florida restaurants, specifically in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, according to USA Today.

But McDonald’s isn’t starting their own delivery service. Instead, they’ll be offering their Big Macs and more via UberEats, an app you’re probably already using.

Unfortunately, they haven’t announced when or if they’ll expand their delivery options to the rest of the states. But if all goes well in Florida, there’s a good chance that they’ll slowly but surely start spreading out to other states.

In the mean time, remember how lucky you are that you can order so many different types of food from your bed, not to mention that you can set yourself up with a Happy Meal without leaving your car. Being a lazy foodie has never been so easy.

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