I Fixed My Hangover With an IV Infusion

I love to drink.

In fact, I love drinking so much, that I’m normally always willing to endure a hangover the next day. But what if there was an instant cure for that excruciating headache and dehydration the next day?

Well, there might be if you’re willing to shell out some cash.

An IV infusion is exactly what it sounds like: an IV drip that has been infused with other things to help you recover from a crazy night out, or prevent illness.

It seems like an over the top solution to a problem that can be remedied by poppin’ a few Advil and chugging some water, but let me just tell you why an IV infusion is the best way to get yourself feeling good af.

These infusions have been super trendy lately among celebs whose hectic schedules (or hectic partying habits) cause them to lapse in terms of self care. Just a few that have been known to use the IV infusions include Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Chrissy Teigen and Bella Hadid.

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The infusion itself is specifically created to help boost your health and cure more than just hangovers. They also allegedly help to detox (if that’s a thing, which science is sketchy on), boost your energy, have anti-aging properties, and can help your immune system.

Evolved Science is a place in NYC that offers these things called IV infusions. It’s located right across the street from Trump Tower in the swankier part of midtown. I decided to go hungover, just to see if it would actually help cure my hangover. I drank an entire bottle of rosé the night before.

Half for the hangover, half for my sorrows.

So when I showed up to the office, half asleep and with a miserably throbbing headache, I was pleasantly surprised by the office itself. Rather than being a gross and weird-smelling hospital, their office presents itself as more of a spa.

It wasn’t just the aesthetic, it was the service too: water or tea offered upon arrival, cozy af chairs. The whole experience felt really luxurious, they even gave me an “IV Menu” to look at that had a bunch of different kinds of infusions from which you can pick.

This experience was like being pampered, which is probably why I wasn’t the anxious ball of energy I was earlier that morning just thinking about the needle that was about to go in my arm.

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I was escorted to what’s called the IV lounge, which is a smallish room full of these comfortable reclining chairs. There’s a TV, magazines to read; they really go the extra mile to make sure their patients are cozy.

Then the part I had been anticipating all day came around: the needle. I don’t know why needles scare me so much. I have tattoos and everything, but I’ve always been the kid who freaked out over shots at the doctor’s office.

However, when the nurse came to set me up with the IV, I wasn’t nervous. She was calming, and even though my palms were reservoirs of sweat, the needle didn’t hurt going in. I actually watched her put it in, which is really monumental for me considering the last three times I’ve gotten my blood drawn, I have passed out.

The last time I had an IV was when I was seven after I got really sick and was dehydrated. I was hospitalized and I even remember the sensation of what it was like when they put the IV in. I still squirm at the thought, so my only memory of an IV isn’t exactly rosy.

But I was calm, and it wasn’t just the nurse that was calming though. Literally everyone in the office was that chill. The vibe felt more like I was getting a facial than an IV drip.

The IV was in for about ten minutes, and because I didn’t want to watch TV, I was playing solitaire on my phone.

I looked up really from my phone and I realized how I was starting to feel really light-headed. I was concerned for a moment, but then I realized my headache had stopped. I wasn’t as thirsty as I was earlier.

Because I’m also vegan, the huge influx of B vitamins (which I’m normally deficient in) immediately made me feel like I was thinking more clearly.

Then the doctor came in. Dr. Erika Schwartz is the founder of Evolved Science. She’s been in the medicine field for nearly 30 years, and when she realized there was a gap in preventative health care, she started Evolved Science to bring IVs to everyone to help prevent illness.

“So why would you have to wait for an IV when your sick, rather than why not give you supplements, nutrients and fluids when you’re actually healthy, and help to keep you healthy?” she asked.

When I asked what else the IVs help with just besides hangovers, Dr. Schwartz was really quick to answer that it helps basically everything.

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“[It gives you] more energy. If you have more energy, you can enjoy your life better,” she continued. “Helps to reduce inflammation, because if you have no inflammation, you have no infections, pains or aches. Your injuries heal very quickly. The other area is immunity… It also supports hormone function, because at the end of the day, when your hormones are balanced, it defines how you feel.”

And honestly, I can say that I really felt better after the IV. I felt like I had a bit of a spring in my step, and when I said that my headache went away, I didn’t have another headache for a few weeks.

Despite being hungover and dehydrated af earlier that day, I even went to the gym that night. Then I went home and got the best night’s sleep I’d had in months. Overall, I just felt more centered. A few days later, my sniffles went away without me having to take a hoard of vitamin C pills.

The prices of the IV infusions start at $375 and go up from there depending on what kind of IV from the IV menu you would want to to try.

Like I said, if you have the cash, try it. You’ll feel great afterwards and the benefits extend themselves long after the IV.

Plus, you’ll feel even better if you have to go to into work afterwards and everyone cracks a joke about you being a heroin addict.

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