How To Tell If a Guy Is Secretly Short From His Dating Profile

Some guys think the way to win on dating apps is a pic with a tiger, others think it’s a witty bio, but the lucky guys realize that it’s all a numbers game. And by numbers game I mean how tall you are.

It doesn’t matter if a girl is 4’11” or 6’0″, every girl would prefer a tall guy if given the choice. Sorry shorties, but you’ll be fine.

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Depending on how important height is to you, you may be wary of dating apps due to the fact that sometimes you match with a guy who seems great, but is actually 5’5″ IRL. Not the worst thing in the world, but if you’re insecure about dating someone shorter than you, not great. If you don’t know ahead of time and you’re simply not DTF with a guy shorter than you, you’re just wasting both of your time, you know?

We talked to our fave tall girls to compile their secret tips for finding out a guy’s true height from his dating app pictures. Use them wisely.

1. The Door Handle Trick

Contextual clues are important, and our girlfriend who’s six feet tall told us that she always checks the door handle in a photo to see where a dude measures up, since in front of a door is for some reason a common place to take Tinder photos. Even if a door handle isn’t around, there are definitely other clues you can look out for, like a car’s height, and of course other people’s height in comparison. He might have asked his two shortest friends to take a pic with him to boost his chances, but hey, at least you tried.

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2. The Two Inch Rule

Remember in American Pie where guys claim that every girl lies about her sex number and you can get the true number by multiplying by three? That’s BS, but we’ve found that guys like to use the “rule of two” when listing their height in their dating profiles. For example, if he says 6’0″ in his profile, he’s probs really 5’10.” Saying you’re 6’0″ is like getting a fake ID that says you’re 21. And guys who claim 6’2″ in their profile are really usually just 6’0.”

3. Watch Out For Guys Who Make Snarky Height Jokes in Their Bio

Listing your height in your dating profile is kind of douchey. But what’s even douchier is having something like “I’m not telling you my height unless you tell me your weight.” If a guy seems butthurt that height is an issue for some people, it’s not because he’s woke af and above listing his height. It’s because he’s short. Better hop on the kitten heel trend!

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