Fashion Insiders Claim Kitten Heels Are Cool Now

When you think of kitten heels, you probably think of the shoes you wore to cotillion class or your cousin’s wedding when you were 13. Now that you’re a grown ass bitch, you rock sky-high stilettos and crush fuckboys’ hearts every night.

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Well, maybe not for much longer. Not because you’re going to stop crushing hearts, but because fashion insiders are claiming that kitten heels are back.

Um, what?

Kitten heels are training wheels for awkward girls going through puberty who aren’t skilled enough to walk in six-inchers, and for old ladies who can’t wear high heels due to their knee replacements (no offense, Grandma).

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But when you’re young and hawt, why would you settle for baby kitten heels? They’re not comfortable like shorter block heels (which are also coming back), and they make your feet look long af. If you’re going for a comfy look, you might as well throw on some sneakers since those are totally acceptable to wear to the club these days.

Even if you’re all about trying the kitten heel this season because you’re so trendy, you probably have an army of sky-scraping heels in your closet that you’re not suddenly going to stop wearing because kitten heels are “allegedly” back. It’s just like how flared jeans are coming back, you might buy one pair and add it into your rotation, but you’re still rocking skinny jeans a majority of the time.

It’s also unlikely that you’re going to splurge over $1,000 on the only cute pair of kitten heels we’ve found — this Gucci pair. Keep in mind that just because Gucci is making kitten heels now doesn’t mean they’re “cool,” they’ve been making kitten heels forever because by the time most people can afford Gucci shoes they can no longer wear high-heels.

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Instead, we foresee kitten heels being one of those things that fashion bloggers and anyone else who tries way too hard to be “edgy” will wear. Maybe it’ll eventually trickle down to the masses, but it’s kind of like jean skirts. You need to wear them in a super 2017, cool way or risk looking like you just got home from the mall with your parents.

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