How to Copy Khloé Kardashian’s Double Bun Look According to Her Stylist

Khloe Kardashian recently debuted a new hairstyle on Instagram — and no, not the pink cornrows from Kylie’s b-day. The double bun look, also known as space buns, has been re-trending for a while ever since Miley rocked them and we all decided that we missed the 90s.

90s Vibes @justinemarjan and @joycebonelli ❌⭕️

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Naturally, Khloe’s version of space buns added a bit of glam that we’d expect from the Kardashians. If you’re trying to rock a similar look this weekend, have no fear. Justine Marjan, Khloe’s hairstylist (who she also tagged in the Instagram post), gave us a step-by-step guide how to attempt to emulate the look. Sure, it might be a little more difficult when you have to do it yourself, but we can’t all be the Kardashians, ya know?

Justine told Galore that she thinks this look is perfect for day to night.

“I’d suggest wearing [it] somewhere fun, like a concert or casual date. The look can definitely translate on all hair types, but I think the hair around the hairline looks best on shorter lengths.” Here are Justine’s six steps for getting Khloe’s look.

1. Spray your hair with ocean mist (she recommends SacaJuan) and a soft mousse (like The Ouai). Blowdry using a brush.

2. Use a rattail comb to part the hair down the middle, then split each section horizontally.

3. Spray dry shampoo throughout to create texture (maybe try the Kardashian brand?), especially at the root.

4. Gather the front section of one side into a high pony, and let pieces around the face fall loose. Repeat with the back, adding it to the same pony with another hair-tie. Do the same on the other side.

5. Loop both ponies into separate knots, hold them tight with bobby pins

6. Spray Kardashian Beauty Hair pure glitz hairspray for hold and sparkle, cuz who wouldn’t want that?

Sure, you may not have Khloe’s bank account, banging bod, or endless closet; but at least you’ve got her hairstyle.

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