Kylie’s 19th Birthday Theme Was ‘Dress Like You Still Use a Fake ID’

Yesterday, hours after announcing her ~*special limited edition Birthday collection*~ of her ridonkulously popular Kylie Cosmetics line, Kylie Jenner hit the Nice Guy to celebrate her impending 19th birthday with her fam.

To show how much she’s grown up since her last birthday party, when she wore her hair in flowing blonde locks and flaunted her bod in not one but TWO sequined mini-dresses, this year Kylie went for a sheer, belted lace jumpsuit with matching high heels that practically screamed, “I may be sophisticated and grown now, but don’t forget I’m also super hot, kay?”

Which is very 19 of her.

And in a strange show of solidarity, all of Kylie’s sisters decided to dress like they were also turning 19.

Kendall wore an edgy outfit which consisted of a teeny tiny tube top and a piece of chiffon tied around her waist which literally only Kendall could pull off.

Kim wore an oversized t-shirt with a corset top over it, threw on that pair of Yeezy stripper heels we’ll forever be obsessed with, and called it a day.

Khloe wore a fur coat and purple cornrows.

And Kourtney dressed like it was her first time going out to the club with a fake ID that she didn’t get for $15 from her friend’s sketchy older brother.

Whoever said you only turn 19 once, clearly didn’t understand how the Kardashian family operates.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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