Here’s What Single People Like to Talk About Most in Each State

Unlike Tinder which essentially has you find your soulmate based on their hottest profile pic, some dating apps actually try to get users to showcase their personality and interests.

One dating app that’s super focused on interests that you may have never heard of until now is Clover. The app/dating site recently launched “mixers” which is kind of like an OG AOL chat room group, except on a dating app. This feature allows users to make their own groups based on their own interests in hopes of finding people who share their passion for anime, cougars, or whatever. Clover then analyzed which groups were most popular in each state, resulting in the below list.

We’re sharing this list with you not because it’ll help your dating life or tell you where you need to move to meet bae, but because the titles are hilarious and kind of sound like a amateur porno waiting to happen. I mean seriously, there are two states whose biggest interest is cougar hunting if that gives you an idea of what we’re working with. Check out the list and see if your interests line up with your state (chances are they won’t).

Alabama: White Men For Black Women

Good to see that people in one of the most stereotypically racist states are learning how to get along.

Alaska: Christian Dating

Ever heard of Christian Mingle?

Arizona: Everyone’s Doing It

Everyone’s doing what, exactly? Fucking? Using Clover? Getting cat-fished? Lemme know guys.

Arkansas: College


California: Serious Relationships

Looks like those California girls are sick of fuckboys like the rest of us.

Connecticut: Fitness Fanatics

Can you be a fitness fanatic if you don’t actually workout but you still post gym selfies?

Delaware: Lesbiana (Latina Lesbians)

I’m sorry but all I can think of is Drake singing, “are any of ya’ll into girls like I am? Lesss be honessst.”

Florida: Interracial Relationships

Yay diversity!

Georgia: BBW And Admirers

No wonder Desiigner’s got broads in Atlanta.

Hawaii: Hang Out

Casual, I like it!

Idaho: Country

Country music? Country living? Country Time Lemonade? Specifics, please.

Illinois: Sexy Stoners

Into stoners, but only if they’re sexy, no hot mess weed-lovers in here.

Indiana: Beauty & Brains

According to who? Yourself?

Iowa: Video Games

TBH there’s prob not much else to do in Iowa so…

Kansas: Cute Pets

Do people really care that much about their potential bae’s pet? Unless you’re into bestiality I don’t really see the concern?

Kentucky: Single Parents

Baby mama drama.

Louisiana: Instagram Followers

Kind of confused. Are we looking for dates or just followers? Maybe this could be a new resource since we can no longer self-promote on Kylie’s page?

Maine: Tattooed And Employed

Good for you!

Maryland: Cuddle Club

Just… no.

Massachusetts: 18-24 Young Singles Long-Term

Chill, you’re 18, you don’t need long-term yet.

Michigan: Interracial Fun

Sounds like a creepy porno title from the 70s.

Minnesota: Snapchat Buddies

Something tells me this group is all grown men and girls under the age of 18.

Mississippi: Tall Girl Problems

Short boys need not apply here.

Missouri: Young Looking For Older

Who doesn’t love a good cougar?

Montana: BDSM

Montana gets kinky apparently.

Nebraska: Looking For A Little Fun

Just a little, not a lot!

Nevada: Looking For Cougars

Aren’t we all?

New Hampshire: Walking Dead

If you weren’t aware of the TV show, this would sound creepy af.

New Jersey: Make New Friends

If you have to resort to some rando ass dating app to make friends, you might be past the point of help.

New Mexico: Gay Guys


New York: Netflix And Chill

Ugh, really New York? I expected more from you.

North Carolina: Piercings & Tattoos

These people don’t need to have jobs like in Maine, it’s chill.

North Dakota: Gym Rats

Still wondering what the qualifications are for this.

Ohio: Dog Lovers

Wouldn’t be the first time a man used his dog to get laid, and won’t be the last.

Oklahoma: Socially Awkward Singles

So appealing!

Oregon: 420 And Chill

Pretty sure if you’re smoking you’re going to chill regardless, bro.

Pennsylvania: Looking For Hookups

Save yourself the trouble and download Tinder instead.

Rhode Island: Dirty Chat

I would love to get a glimpse into this “mixer.”

South Carolina: Sugar Babies, Mamas, & Daddies

Bitches be broke in SC.

North Dakota: Anime Geeks

As if you can be into anime and not be a geek?

Tennessee: More Than Sex

How kind.

Texas: Sex Tonight

This is aggressive. Also hilarious considering Tennessee’s most popular group.

Utah: Singles 30+

Of course they’re 30+ if they’re using the term “singles.”

Vermont: Athletes

Everybody wants to date an athlete, but nobody wants to be one.

Virginia: Coffee

Starbucks turns me on too.

Washington: Nerds Into Nerds

Imagine if the cast from The Big Bang Theory had an orgy.

West Virginia: Sex Fun NSA

Anyone using the term “NSA” (no strings attached) is def over the age of 30 too.

Wisconsin: Bi-Curious Straight/DL People

Experimenting FTW.

Wyoming: Up Late Looking To Date

Is everyone in Wyoming working the night shift, or what?

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