6 reasons why stoners make the best boyfriends

Stoner dudes seem to get a bad rep. Perhaps it’s assumed stoners are lazy, messy, perpetually high (okay, that part might be true), and have no real career goals. But while I’m not recommending that you wife up your local drug dealer; if you’re young and/or looking for something casual, dating a stoner could be sweet. Here’s why…

1. They Always Have Cash

How f-ing annoying is it when you don’t have enough singles to pay your cover charge at the bar? Unlike the majority of our credit-card clinging population, if a guy is buying and/or selling weed, he’s always got cash on him.

2. They Always Have Bud

Ladies love dudes for the constant free drinks, but if you like to smoke as much as your dude, it’s all about the free bud. If he’s smoking, he’ll obviously invite you over to sesh. And if he’s trying to get into your pants, he’s never going to ask for you to throw in a few bills for the weed.

3. High Sex > Drunk Sex

While a few drinks can get you relaxed before sex, they also get you sloppy (and possibly sleepy). If a few drinks turns into a lot of drinks, you might not even remember the sex. When you smoke before sex, you’re completely aware, but you seem to forget everything you’re worried about except for your orgasm.

4. They’ve Got A Sensitive Side

Dudes that are super into smoking are generally not into drinking, and are way more in touch with their creative and/or romantic/spiritual sides. What does that mean for you? No shame in snuggling up with a documentary on a Friday night with a blunt and some Chinese food. If things get serious, he’s a lot less likely to rely on alcohol to get him to tell the truth about how he feels for you.

5. You Will Never Feel Self Conscious About Eating

Nothing makes me feel more awkward than when I go out with a dude who has less of an appetite than I do. Sorry, but I’m a hungry bitch, and it kind of turns me off if a guy can’t keep up. The best thing about dating a dude who’s got the munchies all the time is that he’ll always be the first one to suggest heading to Chipotle and he’ll never think twice at ordering an extra appetizer…or dessert.

6. Less Trust Issues

Most of the times you worry about your boo are probably when he’s out drinking with his boys. If your man prefers smoking over drinking, he’s less likely to “accidentally” black-out and f*** a bitch from the club. Not that you should be dating a dude that will do that anyway, but just saying.


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