Drake Just Said He Wants to ‘Go Half On a Baby’ With Rihanna

He may be boyfriend material, but Drake has zero chill.

Case in point: during the second night of his yearly hero worship concert better known as OVO Fest, he went and told thousands of people that he wanted to “go half on a baby” with Rihanna.

Just in case you’re worried that quote was taken out of context, here’s how it happened in full:

“You showed up two nights in a row for my city. You might have to go half on a baby.”

When Rihanna did not immediately respond with a gleeful giggle or at least some puppy dog eyes, Drake back pedaled.

“Y’all better make some motherfucking noise for Rihanna one time. This is the greatest entertainer in the world, flying all the way in from God knows where just to be with the 6 tonight, so please make some noise for her one time. And [she’s] looking good doing it too.”

To quote Rihanna, “I don’t know how to talk to you.”

And people wonder why she’s not ready to come out and admit that they’re dating.

[H/T Us]

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