Here’s Even More Proof That Men Are Using Their Dogs To Get Laid

Let’s be honest, the reason that dogs are called a “man’s best friend” is because they’re man’s best wingman.

Even the dude who doesn’t have a clue how to talk to girls and is wearing a fedora will get hit on if he’s walking around with an adorable french bulldog.

Another reason guys love dogs so much is because they have so much in common. I mean, most men are literally dogs. Do you think it’s a coincidence that dogs always shove their face in your vagina when you walk through the door? Yeah…didn’t think so.

But you’re smart, you know that when you see a guy “innocently” walking his dog around the perimeter of the local pilates studio, he’s probably trying to reel some ladies in. You won’t be fooled by his animal-loving persona, or his dog’s baby blue eyes, or the cute ass collar that says “Marley”…right?!

Sadly, no. Many girls fall for the dog thing. Not only do guys with dogs attract women by having a cute pooch, they actually make themselves appear more dateable, according to a study.

Essentially the study proved that even if a dude exhibits non-bae qualities, like wearing a wife-beater, fucking all your friends, or working at Chipotle; if he has a dog you may still see him as someone worthy of your time.

The study was done by telling 100 Israeli women short stories about men and having them rate the men on attractiveness. Some of the men were made to have “cad-like” qualities (cheaters, aggressors, etc.), while the others were made to have “dad-like” qualities (hard worker, paternal, etc.). The researchers found that the men with cad-like qualities who had dogs managed to score higher ratings than the dad-like men who didn’t have dogs.

So basically, even if a guy is a total fuckboy, by having a dog he can totally kill that impression and make himself appear “nurturing” and “capable of making long-term commitments.”

What does this mean? None of us are safe.

On the plus side, you can totally blame your last relationship on the fact that he had a dog. I mean sure, Jason was a fuckboy or whatever, but his husky was soooo cute!

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