Having Trouble Sleeping? It Could Be Your Sh*tty Relationship

A popular whine from people fighting with their significant others is that they can’t sleep. It sounds fucking dramatic, and I always thought it was crazy and over-exaggerated — until it happened to me.

During my last relationship gone bad, I was constantly stressing about us. Amidst the on-again off-again bullshit, I couldn’t sleep for shit (unless I was hammered, of course). It’s not like I was pacing the halls of my apartment with a candle or watching the sunrise, but as someone who’s never had a problem going to sleep at ten and waking up at nine, I started noticing that I was lying in bed awake, tossing and turning, etc., way more than I used to.

And it wasn’t just in my head.

Having a responsive partner leads to less anxiety and better sleep, according to a recent study conducted in Turkey. Which means that having a non-responsive partner leads to more anxiety and worse sleep.

It shouldn’t completely be a shock that having anxiety about your relationship (or anything) causes loss of sleep, but it’s comforting to know that studies confirm this phenomenon.

“Having responsive partners who would be available to protect and comfort us should things go wrong is the most effective way for us humans to reduce anxiety, tension, and arousal,” explained Dr. Selçuk, the leader of the study.

This study is also helpful because sometimes you want to tell yourself that worrying about your current fuckboy boo is normal, but if your sleep pattern is deteriorating due to your constant wondering if he’s still on Tinder or out with another chick, it’s time to say “boy, bye.”

Seriously, sleep is important af, and if you’re going to skip out on your recommended eight hours, at least be chasing your dreams rather than chasing a loser who’s not worth your time.

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