This Is Hands Down The Most Patriotic Hook Up Position

Let’s be honest, we’re all probably getting laid this weekend. I mean, how else would be celebrate our country’s independence than by celebrating our sexual independence (or dependence if you have a bae).

Instead of doing it  by the beach and getting sand stuck in all the wrong places, you’ve got to try this patriotic af position.

It’s called the Eagle and is allegedly from the Kama Sutra (yes, there are hella eagles in India, I Googled it).

It’s kind of like the traditional “spread eagle” you would think of when hearing the words “eagle” and “sex position” in the same sentence, but with a slight twist. Chances are, you’ve probably already done this position without realizing how frickin’ patriotic and American you were being.

So what I can take from this picture from Pinterest, where the guy looks super fucking chill and the girls nipples look like they could cut my eyes out, is that both partners together make the eagle shape. Her legs are the wings and the dude is the rest of the eagle.

The best part of this sex position is it’s easy, can be done on a bed, and neither of you will end up in the ER. The only thing you might want to watch for is if your boy toy is huge, cuz this position will let him to penetrate you pretty deep and it could be a bit painful. If so, try one of these positions instead.

Perhaps you can shout out “God Bless America” as you reach maximum pleasure? Uncle Sam would be proud.

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