Guys Who Say They Love Sundresses Don’t Actually Know WTF They Are

In case you haven’t noticed, guys jizz their pants over sundresses.

Or, they like to say that they do.

If you ask any guy on Reddit about how he likes a woman to dress, he’ll say he hates high-waisted shorts and loves sundresses. Aside from wondering why on earth you’d care if men on Reddit thought your outfit was “hot,” we also wondered WTF kind of sundresses they’re talking about.

A guy saying he likes sundresses is like a girl saying she likes guys in T-shirts, you know? And there’s a big variation between a fitted black tee and an XL boardwalk t-shirt that says “Free Hugs.”

One poor soul asked the guys of Reddit, “You all claim to love sundresses, but never specify which type. Can we see some examples?

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Even more cringey, she goes on to specify that she’s going shopping this weekend and wants to be sure she knows the type that guys like. *shudders*

Although we want to take this girl by the hand and lead her away from Reddit and onto the much greener pastures of Instagram style accounts, we were still curious to see exactly what type of sundresses guys flipped out over.

Unfortunately, as suspected, guys don’t know WTF a sundress even is.

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The top comment, by user brokenboysoldiers, reads:

“This post is hilarious. You can’t drop a ‘there are multiple types of sundresses’ bomb on us without giving us some examples. I just Googled ‘sundresses’ and decided I liked just about all of them, so I think you’re probably in the clear.”

Wow, what kind of dickhead reacts that condescendingly when asked for advice?

Another Reddit user seemed to get defensive about his “love” for sundresses.

“Listen Lady, You are lucky we are able to identify a specific dress as a sundress,” said Reddit user JSmith666. “Don’t inception this shit and make us go deeper. We like sun dresses.”

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Is it possible that the only reason guys on Reddit claim to love sundresses is to blend in with the other guys on Reddit? All signs point to yes. Especially considering that out of the 170 comment thread, only two guys could link to actual examples of sundresses – with one being some creepy meme of celebrities with huge asses in tight dresses – many of which wouldn’t be classified as sundresses.

Another user, white_butterfly1, said, “I just like women in dresses.”

Right… so why are y’all pretending to know anything about women’s clothing?

But it’s hard to say who’s more in the wrong. The dudes pretending they know shit about sundresses and telling women what they like them to wear, or the girl who actually is choosing what to buy based on a Reddit thread. Like, does she really think buying the perfect sundress from Old Navy is going to help her find Prince Charming?

Another user, scorpionjacket, made it simple.

“Are you a pretty girl who I like very much? Then yes, I like that sundress you have on right now.”

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Guys do not know shit about fashion, even if they’re pretentious Reddit dudes who form opinions on everything.

If you wear what you like, you’ll attract a dude who likes you for who you are. If you go bat shit crazy buying ugly af floral, flowy sundresses just to win over guys, you’ll end up with a loser who wants to lock you up in a tower like Rapunzel. Besides, we all know the reason guys on Reddit love sundresses is because they’re covered up and remind them of 50s housewives.


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