These Are the Clothes Guys Love But Girls Hate

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala outfit reminded us all that you should never, ever dress yourself for a dude. And for the most part, girls don’t.

I mean, guys like to think we do, but c’mon. You think that girl bought Louboutins to impress her man? He probs can’t even pronounce Louboutin and will accidentally say “Louis Vuitton” instead.

And if you assume that a thotted-up girl is trying to impress guys, you’d probs be wrong again – at least, according to Reddit. In fact, in a recent thread on Reddit where a girl asked guys, “What are some outfits women wear that drive you crazy (in a good way)?” The guys’ responses were pretty surprising.

If we learned anything, it’s that you should never dress yourself for a guy, unless you want to look like shit.

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1. Sundresses

I would love to see an example of what guys think a sundress even is, because I feel like I don’t even know what sundresses are anymore – who wears that shit? Somewhere down the line, some boy band must’ve said they loved girls in sundresses and formed a crew of dudes who claim sundresses give them an instant hard-on. But the thing is, sundresses are boho, floral, super girly, and just not everyone’s style. Plus, they’re not very fashion-y!

But Redditors don’t care, they probably just love how easy they are to get off.

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“This is like a Reddit starter kit for women: Sundresses, good. High waisted shorts, bad,” said Reddit user Throwawaytheseblues.

2. Khaki Shorts

The only reason I’ve ever owned a pair of khaki shorts was because I had to buy a pair for a server job I once worked. Chances are your experience is something similar. Unless, of course, you shop at Vineyard Vines – then WTF are you doing here?

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Either way, some weirdo Redditor, pumpinglava, listed khaki shorts as one of his fave items on females. Which is… interesting.

3. Nightgowns

Perhaps this has to do with some mommy issues, or maybe their first crush was Wendy in Peter Pan. Either way, if they think my ass is spending extra money on some night gown, they’re clearly mistaken. Chances are, you sleep in a big T-shirt or in nothing at all. When you’re trying to get your freak on, you opt for some cute-ass lingerie. Nightgowns? No thank you.

4. Flowers In Their Hair

Guys on Reddit claim to hate basic girls, and yet, one lil’ bb is saying how he loves girls with flowers in their hair. What is the truth?

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5. Wife Beaters

Remember at Coachella when Kylie had a pile of dudes at her feet while wearing a wife beater? It may have not been a coincidence. Second to sundresses, wife beaters was def the second most mentioned item in the thread. Kind of bizarre, but also wife beaters with a colorful bra were kind of the thot uniform of the 2000s, so maybe they link it with their preteen jerk off fantasies.

Wife beaters are totes coming back, so get ready to break some hearts.

6. Sweatpants

Comfort-wise, we’re always down with this. But the main problem I personally have with Reddit bros’ idea of “fashion” is that they want a girl to be super dolled-up and girly looking like a virgin, or looking like she is on a walk of shame/a huge tomboy.

This says a lot about male problems that I don’t feel like getting into, but on top of their appalling love for girls in sweatpants, so many guys also said they hate girls in tight dresses and heels! Honestly, sorry you’re short and have a major Madonna-whore complex, but it’s not fair to want all girls to dress shitty!

7. Button Ups

Another questionable thing that guys love to see girls in. In fact, one dude on the thread even admitted that he likes a girl who dresses just like him, except she’s a girl. Uh… bro?

8. Aprons

Naturally, the thread couldn’t end without one bloke mentioning his love for women in aprons, I’m half-shocked nobody chimed in with a “make me a sandwich” joke.

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