Gigi Hadid’s $4 Million NYC Apartment Is Surprisingly Chill

Considering all the insane cribs we’ve been seeing lately from Kylie, Taylor Swift, and even Harry Styles, you’d think that Gigi Hadid’s NYC apartment would be as lit as her modeling career.

Granted, her apartment was purchased for a cool $4 million, so it’s clearly bougier than anything most people will ever afford. And it’s in NoHo, a pretty desirable NYC neighborhood.

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But take a look at the apartment and you’ll wonder – where are the indoor swimming pools? The insane balcony? The shower that can fit Zayn and the entirety of 1D?

First, we have the outside of the building. Looks p chill and imposing. Is that a rooftop terrace we see?

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Then we have this living room, that’s very… beige.

Arguably the most impressive part of the two bedroom apartment is the kitchen, which looks super modern and perfect for Gigi to whip up some gluten, dairy, and all that other junk she claims to eat on the reg. Or, maybe for Zayny Brainy to cook? Apparently that’s how he wooed her.

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Then there’s bathroom #1 (there are 2.5 total), which is so NYC-minimalist it hurts.

The second bathroom is a bit bougier, with marble walls and a nice window so you can scope out the view while bathing, as you do.

Is it just us, or does this apartment look exactly like the apartment of that finance bro you used to hook up with?

Gigi and Zayn were allegedly eyeing a bigger apartment in this building together early in January, but she opted for this one solo instead. That’s not to say there isn’t room for when Zayn wants to drop by, because I don’t think Gigi needs two bedrooms and bathrooms to herself. But I mean, when you’re one of the world’s coolest super models, why not?

We’re a little disappointed this isn’t as over-the-top and ridic as her fellow young celebs’ housing choices, but we always knew Gigi was a sensible one.

H/T: Forbes

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