Taylor Swift’s Temporary Apartment Cost More Than Your Life

Sometimes we all need to go into hiding like Taylor Swift has been since last year’s #TaylorSwiftIsOver controversy. And if you’re going to go into hiding, might as well do it in an insane Greenwich Village brownstone that costs $24.5 million.

Yes, that’s how much the townhouse where Taylor Swift lived last year is being sold for now.

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If you don’t know NYC realty, you might think the price is jacked up because of its past celeb resident, but that’s not really a thing. New York places are just expensive af, and when you see the pics of this place, you’ll understand why.

If you pay attention to Taylor Swift’s humble abodes, you may be confused because you thought she lived in Tribeca. Well, her Tribeca crib was undergoing renovation last year, so she rented this swag pad in June, according to Cosmo.

Naturally, Tay Tay needs an indoor pool. Because if you’re renting a place for $39,500 a month, you need somewhere to dip your perfectly manicured toes from time to time.

And when she wasn’t inviting potential baes over for a swim, maybe she was taking sexy selfies in this very mirror? I don’t know, do you think Taylor sends nudes? It’s debatable.

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This is the type of place that your broke ass passes by on the streets when you’re headed to a job you hate that makes you think, “gee, maybe a sugar daddy wouldn’t be so bad.”

You know how your bedroom in NYC has no windows? Yeah, it’s because you’re not rich enough to afford windows.

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Maybe we’d all have abs like Taylor’s if we had a big kitchen where we could whip up healthy meals. Or, you know, enough money to pay a chef.

And alas, the perfect bedroom for you to fuck your ex right in front of your neighbors!

Act fast, this spot has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, two half bathrooms, three fireplaces, and a private garage, plus an elevator for your lazy ass! Or, more realistically, maybe if you stop eating for a couple months you can afford to rent one of the rooms?

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