Guys Admit ‘Intimidating’ Girls Are Just Out of Their League

After being upset that no dudes hit on you or that your last date didn’t call you back, your BFF was there by your side with the reassuring words, “He’s probably just intimidated by you.”

Okay, so turns out the whole “intimidating” excuse is the classic line for a friend that’s trying to make you feel better, but sometimes she’s not wrong.

The thing is, being intimidating isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t mean that you’re “scary” or not attractive, in fact, according to guys on Reddit, it means quite the opposite.

Reddit user NekoNegra asked the men of Reddit, “what would make a woman intimidating?” And the general consensus was that if you’re intimidating a dude, it means he knows that you’re way too good for him.

This totally makes sense, especially because we’re talking about Reddit dudes here, if you catch our drift.

Here’s what they had to say:

“The only thing that intimidates me is how attracted to her I am. I become a babbling fool if I think she is gorgeous lol.” – Vyergulf

“Very attractive. More educated than me. Substantially more intelligent than me. Substantially more successful than me.” – Whatsthedealwithair

“Really hot or ‘out of my league'” – Ali92101

“Women who are far more clever than me intimidate a bit. If they can talk circles around me I tend to shut down so as not to embarrass myself.” – Philarete

“Being really hot.” – JustOneVote

“If she’s super confident. I have to work to be confident so if it seems that it comes natural to her I tend to be intimidated.” – silly_goose4

When successful women commented on the thread being confused that qualities traditionally seen as “good” were seen as intimidating, a guy attempted to explain.

“It’s not that most guys are intimidated by a girl with a PhD,” Reddit user dope_star said. “It’s that they know a girl with a PhD won’t usually give a ‘regular’ guy the time of day. You don’t see a lot of female doctors dating auto mechanics is all I’m saying.”

So basically, guys are intimidated by women who they think will have standards, especially high ones. If you’re killing it in your career, smart af, and financially independent, a dude who lives with his mom is probably going to be intimidated and not hit on you. Should you be upset about that? Definitely not, unless dudes with no ambition and a video game addiction are your thing.

On the other side of things, some experts argue that being hot and possibly therefore intimidating means that you’ll only get hit on by douches who are super cocky. This is debatable, but we def see where they’re coming from.

If you’re worried about being intimidating, don’t dumb yourself down or dull your shine in attempts at attracting dudes that are clearly below your standards. Just give little signals to the dudes who are worth your time but are maybe a little shy. Seriously, a little eye flirtation goes a long way.

Now go back to being your hot, smart, successful self.

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