6 Pieces Of Horrible Dating Advice From Mean Girls

Mean Girls will always be iconic. And while it’ll always be amazing for its hilarious quotes or fabulous early 2000s style moments, it’s not exactly the type of movie you should take dating advice from. Getting excited that a dude asked you what day it was? You’re better than that.

But just like we totally copied Cady’s Juicy Couture zip-up and plaid skirt combo, we probably copied some of Cady’s horrific dating blunders too. Join us in celebrating Mean Girls day and LOL-ing at all the dumb shit we did in high school.

1. Pretend To Be Dumb To Get The Guy 

Sometimes, sadly, during your teen years, you might think being dumb is “cute.” And no matter how much we tried to escape it, it was a thing. We were embarrassed when our teacher called us out for being smart or when we were escorted to the “gifted” class.

Why didn’t we want to be smart? Because we were busy trying to impress boys who we thought would only like us if we were dumb. And while most of us weren’t obsessive enough to fail math on purpose, lots of us fell victim to the whole “pretending you didn’t know how to do something so a guy would help” flirtation technique, just like Cady Heron.

2. Get Turnt Before a Hookup To Feel Comfortable

Hookups are awkward, especially high school hookups. The solution? Take so many shots of your parents’ alcohol from a water bottle that you are comfortable hitting on your crush and maybe making out in the closet in your friend’s basement. Cady made this classic mistake, and even went so far as to puke on her bae’s shoes…not cute. Some of us probably still make this mistake, but at least we’re drinking our own alcohol some of the time?

3. Hooking Up With Your Friend’s BF Is Totally Chill

Dating in high school is competitive. There were usually only like, ten cute guys to choose from, which led to you and your BFFs basically all dating the same guys at some point or another. Incestuous? Kinda. But teen hormones could not be stopped. Sure, Cady probably never liked Regina, but hooking up with a girl’s boyfriend is never cool, even if she’s kinda your arch nemesis. Besides, Aaron Samuels def peaked in high school, he could barely pass math class.

4. If You Have Nowhere To Hook Up, Do It In Your School

Cheating on your boyfriend is bad. Cheating on your boyfriend in the projector room above the auditorium in your high school is worse. I mean seriously Regina, your mom was chill af, why couldn’t you just bring Shane home with you? Or put the top up on your Lexus and fuck in there?

And yet, I totally did way more than make out with my high school boyfriends in our high school, and I know I’m not the only one.

5. Show Your Bra Straps If You Wanna Look Super Hot

Oh Cady, the dress you chose to wear to your house party was actually kind of cute, but that red bra was not. If you had worn a black one it could’ve maybe blended in enough, but you didn’t.

Why were visible bra straps acceptable in the early 2000s? Was it because we wanted to show off how we were mature women who finally needed a bra? Or we wanted to display the cool colorful bra we purchased from Victoria’s Secret PINK? We’re not sure, but we’re glad that the no bra trend has been going strong in 2016 so far.

6. Get Back With Your Ex To Make Sure That No Other Girls Can Have Him

The only thing worse than getting back with an ex is getting back with an ex only because one of your friends has a crush on him. Come on, Regina, you’re better than that. Shouldn’t you be dating a college dude?

On the plus side, we saw how Regina and Aaron’s relationship fell apart, and kinda led to her getting hit by a bus, so it’s a great reminder of why you should never, ever get back with an ex. Even if your high school only has one lunch table’s worth of “cool” guys.

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