Turns Out You’re Not The Only One Who Wears The Same Bra Everyday

No matter how much you stuff your underwear drawer with pretty pastel lacy pieces or how many times you blow your rent money at the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale, one thing is certain: you have one “favorite” bra.

Maybe it’s really comfy, maybe it’s really cute, but it’s probably your favorite because it makes your boobs look fabulous. You try to replace it with something newer or fancier, but you just keep going back to it. Kinda like your ex-boyfriend Jason who you can’t get rid of, but more supportive.

The good news is that you’re not the only schmuck whose idea of “leisurée” is wearing the same tan Calvin Klein bra every damn day for the last five years.

In fact, 67% of US women reported wearing the exact same bra everyday, according to a study of 2,000 women done by Rigby & Peller.

But that’s not all. 30% of the women surveyed owned a bra that they had been wearing for over 10 years, and 74% of women had one bra that they deemed “old faithful.” And the majority of women only have three bras that they wear on heavy rotation.

You can officially stop feeling bad about not wearing a cute, new lacy bralette everyday, you can also stop feeling bad about clinging onto your fave bra from middle school. It’s chill, everyone does it, and it’s damn hard to find a good bra!

But maybe keep this in mind next time you find yourself going crazy at a lingerie store? It might not be worth buying new bras (no matter how cute they are) if you’re going to continue wearing your trusty black push-up nearly everyday, ya know? If you want to spoil yourself with something sexy, go for it, but know that you’ll probs only wearing it on special occasions.

And if your bra is starting to get sad-looking, buy a new one before it’s too late. Nothing is worse than having wire poking you in the ribs or having a strap come undone in the middle of the day. That’s far from sexy and will probs convince you to go braless from here on out, which is totally cool too.

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