How To Handle High School Without Totally Embarrassing Yourself

If you are anything like me your high school experience includes a few meltdowns, tears, and shitty grades. Whether it be wanting to curse at a rude girl but you end up just stupidly flailing your arms and mouthing curse words or falling out of your chair during class, those situations are never super fun – they can even be miserable at worse if you don’t like attention. Although I can’t be as good as Ned Bigby was for surviving middle school, I’m not terrible. Now that I only have two years left with high school, I think I have dealt with enough of these situations to know how to deal with them accordingly.

1. Use your phone as a crutch once in a while.

I know from experience that walking through a crowded hallway alone is not a cute situation. I usually have a few fumbles and awkwardly laugh them off. A thing I have found helps is to plug in. Whether you are scrolling through Instagram, texting, or simply listening to music; the more concentrated you seem the less people will see a lonely girl – but a girl with places to be and people to see.

2. Laugh at yourself.

Chances are you won’t be able to text yourself through high school and I wouldn’t recommend it either because that just sounds lonely. So, when you do make a mistake and you aren’t on your phone – laugh at yourself. Tripping becomes a lot less embarrassing when people are laughing with you instead of at you. Everyone has moments like this, there is no reason to fret too much.

3. Wear what you want.

Unless you go to a school that has uniforms, you should wear what you want! If you feel confident in what you are wearing whether it be a skirt and heels or jeans and a tee-shirt, you will feel better overall if you are only dressing to impress yourself.

4. Think about life after high school.

I think this is one that helps me the most. While I am not an “outcast” I am definitely not a popular kid. I have made it through the past two years by following those simple rules and hoping people think my awkwardness is cute enough to still associate with me. I am so excited to go to college, move into NYC, and live my own life. Imagining all the amazing things you will be able to do once you are done with high school really makes life in high school bearable.

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