Global Warming May Affect Your Sex Life In a Surprising Way

Global warming seems to have become inevitable. What was once a hot topic in political debates has become something that we view as unavoidable as life and death. Scientists can’t seem to find a way to urge our population to actually take measures in attempts to halt (or at least slow down) global warming…or can they?

A new study has been released that has measured global warming’s predicted effects on our sex lives. Now, we’re not sure if these researchers were trying to find a way to get people to start caring about global warming, or they just had too much time on their hands; but we’ve got the research findings regardless… and they’re not looking good.

Apparently, hotter weather leads to less sex, which in turn leads to less babies. The three economists; from Tulane, The University of Santa Barbara, and the University of Central Florida, all came to the conclusion that a temperature of over 80 degrees fahrenheit results in a large decline in birthrate within 9-10 months.

In fact, just one “hot day” results in a 0.4% drop in births which equates to 1,165 U.S. births. Moreover, these births are not compensated for in the cooler months, and summertime births are overall less healthy due to the warm weather.

While you may not be too concerned about the national birthrate, or you own chances of getting pregnant, the idea of less sex just sucks overall. Not to mention that researchers predict that in 2070 we will have 64 more days where the temperature reaches over 80 degrees, compared to in the past where the average has been about 30 days. That sure as hell ain’t sexy.

If you can picture you and your partner in the hottest day of the summer, sweat pooling under your tits, too hot to even cuddle; then you can probably imagine why people feel less freaky in the hot summer days…

Cover Photo Courtesy of The Inspiration Room

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