4 Reasons Why Winter Sex Is Better Than Summer Sex

I f***ing hate the winter. Snow day? I will be hiding in my room under the covers. Ice skating? I would rather not pay to fall on my face, thank you. However, there is one activity that actually is better in the winter: it’s sex.

Winter sex is under-rated. While summer is the “hot” season where everyone is half naked and trying to bone, I think some below freezing D is just what the doctor ordered. Here’s why:

1. You’re Not Sweaty Until AFTER Sex


There’s nothing like a good sweat shine after a good f*** fest, especially when you haven’t sweated like that since the temperature was above 70 degrees. In the summer, that sweat is just adding on to the sweat you were already probably accumulating prior to things getting steamy (no pun intended). Sweating only feels good when it’s actually cold outside, and if you’re having sex the right way- you should be getting quite the workout.

2. Cuddling is Necessary


This could be a good or a bad thing, if you ask me. But, winter is obviously the time to “snuggle up” to someone (hence all the thirsty bitches trying to wife around November). Therefore, there’s no shame in needing to get under the covers with someone to “keep warm.” If keeping warm happens to end with you being penetrated, so be it.

3. Sex Hair Is Reduced To a Minimum


If you have sex in the heat, there is no getting your hair back to what it was prior to the f*** fest. In the winter? You have much more of a chance. You may not be coming out of the bedroom with Blake-Lively beach waves, but your hair will not be a frizzy mess!

4. No Sweaty Balls


Sorry dudes, but that shit stank. I’m not saying our pussies always smell like a bed of roses either, but I will always take clean, dry balls over musky, sweaty ones. Please and thank you.

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