How Apps Are Complicating Our Sex Lives

There’s a reason it’s called a bootyCALL am I right?

Call me old-fashioned, but sometimes I wish we didn’t have technology, especially when it comes to relationships.

1. Snapchat: This may be a relatively new thing, but it has appalled me the most. What is with guys friending you either when they decide they want to hook up with you, or immediately after they have hooked up with you? Do they expect you to send a quick titty pic saying “hey thanks for last night” or something? If you really want to see my face (or my tits) why don’t you ask me to hang out like a normal human being…?


2. Facebook: Facebook is the complete opposite of snapchat in most regards. It’s all fine and dandy when you start seeing someone. You get to stalk their pics from their recent beach trip, and hit a casual “like” on the music video they posted. But, when you end a relationship, Facebook becomes the enemy. Nobody wants to see their ex posing with hot members of the opposite sex after a break up. If it’s a really bad breakup, they don’t want to see your pictures at all (I’ve been blocked by two exes on Facebook thus far).


3. Instagram You’d think this is the lesser of the evils. That was before they introduced Instagram messaging… This, in combination with the “popular near you” page has been a nightmare for me. Why, on earth, would I want to meet up with somebody who sent me a message via Instagram? Really? You commenting “sit on my face” on my photo was clear enough, thanks.


4. Tinder Yes, of course I had to touch on the beloved Tinder. I have a love-hate relationship with the app. Love, because you have a bunch of hot guys at your fingertips. Hate, because unfortunately most of the conversations you will have start the same way: “hey, you’re gorgeous, what’s up” and end the same way: “wanna hang out?”


Ultimately, technology can be a beautiful thing when it comes to feeling like hot shit, and having millions of guys waiting to hang out with you. However, it can be a bad thing when you have to wait through a painfully long text fight with your boo, and you find yourself stalking his new girlfriend on every form of social media. Choose your battles wisely.


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