The 6 Types Of Exes Every 20-Something Girl Has

Make all the jokes you want about evil exes, but most of your exes are probably not that bad (hopefully). Sure, there may be one or two that you’d love to see get punched in the face, but there are also some exes that you sorta-kinda can call a friend at this point. If you’ve dated a few guys before, you can definitely pinpoint who’s who of this list of exes.

1. The One You Pretend Never Happened

If you’ve dared to continue following him on Instagram, you’ve probably gaped at his photos in disgust, thinking to yourself, “I… dated… that?” Not only does he still wear shirts that say “got weed?” he also continues to post Megan Fox as his #WCW. What is this, 2010?

Needless to say, even if you’re currently single as a pringle, you’re still hyped that you’re not continuing to date this loser specimen of a man.

2. The One That Got Away

I hate to call it “the one that got away” because if he was meant to stay, he would’ve stayed. And yet, you can’t help but cry every time you watch Katy Perry’s video for the song with the same name (okay… maybe just me?). Regardless, most of us will always have that person who we wonder “what if” about. What if we had met at a better time? Or another place? Where would we be now if we didn’t have that stupid fight?

We won’t think about him for months, and then suddenly we’ll get wasted and try calling him, or we’ll have a dream about him and wake up missing him. It sucks, but sometimes it’s better to just accept that you may never fully move on, and he’ll always have a tiny place in your heart.

3. The One That Still Hits You Up

You didn’t have a horrible break-up, but you’re also definitely not interested anymore. Why does he continue you hit you with the “when you coming back to Forestville?” every June? I mean, you know you’ve got that bomb pussy, but c’mon, can’t he move on by now? Or at least find someone new to fuck with?

4. The One From Your Rebellious Phase

Remember that time where you shopped solely at Hot Topic for a month and listened to “hardcore” bands like Bullet For My Valentine? Great times.

Just like those band tees you bought from Hot Topic, you lost interest in your bad boy boyfriend pretty quickly. Sure, that lip ring looked sick in his Myspace pro pic, but it wasn’t that fun to make-out with. You’re also pretty sure that he still lives with his parents and sells weed out of their basement, which isn’t really your type nowadays.

5. The One That You’re Finally Friends With

There were certainly some hard feelings after you took each other’s virginity in high school, but after some awkward classes together and some heated BBM convos, you’ve put the past behind you. By graduation, you guys were kinda-sorta friends. When you go home for break, you’ll occasionally see him at a party and catch up. If you’re feeling really nostalgic, you’ll send him a #TBT pic of you two from prom.

6. The One Who Seriously Downgraded

This guy was a total babe when you two dated, but since then he’s gained 30 pounds and grown a mullet. You’re not sure if he’s going through some sort of post-grad crisis, or he’s still really sad about the break up, but it’s not pretty. Sometimes your friends will send you recent pics of him in the group chat to fuck with you, but at least he seems to have a new girlfriend now?

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