Katy Perry’s Ditching The Grammys To Host The “Met Ball For Musicians”

Katy Perry says she’ll spend the Grammys “In my pajamas, eating matzo ball soup. No makeup, glad I’m not in a corset. Vicks cream on.”

But this Saturday, the weekend before the annual ceremony, she’ll host “An Evening to Celebrate the Creators,” a fancy dinner party for ‘creators’, or basically, all of Katy Perry’s musician friends. Kacey Musgraves, Karen O, Miguel, Tove Lo, Shirley Manson, and Max Martin are all set to attend the event, to be sponsored by Spotify. Katy Perry is set to host with Greg Kurstin, Adele’s producer, Sia, and Missy Elliott.

“Artists are always looking for a way to connect with each other, but we don’t get that authentic connection because we’re either being pulled or pushed,” she said. That means no publicists or journalists are invited.

And the party will obv be popping. “I hired a 14-piece orchestra to play all of the modern Top 40 songs,” she said.

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