Spencer Pratt Needs to Know Who Megan Fox’s Baby Daddy Is

News broke last night that Megan Fox is pregnant with her third child. And while most media outlets were too classy to speculate about who the dad was, Spencer Pratt came in like a wrecking ball, like nine hours before anyone else even knew the news.

BOOM. Now, we weren’t going to speculate either because we, too, are classy, but if Spencer needs to know, we should all do our best to solve this mystery.

There are two options:

• Brian Austin Green could be the father. This incredibly lucky man fathered Megan’s two other kids and has been with her for 11 years. And they were seen hanging out in gym clothes last month, even though Megan filed from divorce from him in August and he filed to seek $pousal $upport in September.

• Literally anyone else could be the father. Maybe it’s a mysterious tech CEO, maybe it’s Shia LaBeouf, maybe it’s Rob Kardashian, maybe it’s Future, maybe it’s Spencer Pratt, maybe it’s Will Arnett chowing down on some pizza next to her in that photo. Who knows?! It’s honestly probably not any of them.

Let’s be real: it’s none of our business unless Megan wants to tell us. And if she wants to go the January Jones route and just let that shit ride without ever telling the public who fathered her kid, that’s her choice. Soooo sorry, Spencer, but let us know if you get any leads.

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