Your Genetics Could Determine When You Lose Your Virginity

Everyone’s got a painfully awkward virginity tale — but did you know the age at which you lost your virginity could be partly due to your DNA?

The study identified 38 places in the human genome that could contribute to when someone loses their virginity, including genes that affect puberty and risk-taking behavior. Altogether, the researchers concluded that genes have a 25% affect on when somebody chooses to have sex for the first time.

The researchers came to this conclusion by sampling the DNA of over 250,000 UK participants through blood samples, and also asking them at what age they lost their virginity.

While this study confirms that genetics can play a role in when you pop your cherry, researchers explain that outside factors play a larger role. Ultimately, no matter what your genetics are, your social circle, family, and upbringing in general will play a larger role determining if you lose your v-card at 14 or wait until your freshman year of college.

It’s pretty crazy to see how our genes impact our relationships and sex lives. Just don’t let any fuckboys use it as an excuse for their antics, k?

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