6 Things That Mean Way More Than a Good Morning Text

Good morning texts have a good rep for no reason. I mean seriously, why are we placing so much importance on two words spelled out via text message? It took a dude 30 seconds to type that up, it doesn’t mean he’s your prince charming.

Honestly, fuckboys are def catching on to girls’ obsession with morning texts. At this point, they send good morning texts just to make sure that innocent girls fall for them even harder. Don’t buy it. And stop thinking good morning texts are some big thing. Instead, look out for these signs. Sure, a dude could still be a fuckboy, but these things are way better than some stupid iMessage sent at 8 a.m.

1. Buying You Breakfast

Waking up to a good morning text is cool, but waking up to a breakfast burrito is way better. Anyone can wake up on the right side of the bed when it involves cheese, sausage, and gluten, right? And sending you breakfast is honestly not that much harder than sending you a good morning text, apps like Grubhub make this totally do-able. Putting that effort in could definitely mean he’s a keeper.

2. Asking You How Your Big Thing Went

A good morning text isn’t personal, even if it makes you feel “special” he could be sending it to ten other girls. But what is special is if he actually remembers your schedule and that you have an important presentation today for work (or exam, or job interview, or whatever). Even if he doesn’t text you right in the morning, him remembering you had something big and asking you about it shows that he cares.

3. Paying You Back For Last Night’s Uber

A guy who tells you to get home safe is nice, a guy who ensures that you get home safe is better. Ubers are not expensive, but paying for one for you shows that he’s a gentleman and that your safety is important to him.

4. The After Work Text

Morning texts are basic. The after-work text is better. Mornings are usually busy for anyone with a life, and if he texts you after work it means that you were the first thing on his mind once he’s free. Good morning texts don’t really spark a conversation, but a “how was your day?” text means that he wants to keep talking and might actually give a fuck about how your day went, which is a plus.

5. Actually Making Plans

Good morning texts are the perfect ammo for dudes who want to bench tons of girls at once. It’s non-committal, short and sweet, and impersonal. You don’t know if you’re going to see him this weekend, or even within the next month.

But if a dude texts you something like, “when can I see you next?” it shows that he’s actually putting in the effort and wanting to make time for you.

6. Saying Something Reminded You Of Them

Just like #2, a dude who remembers stuff about you is always a good sign. Maybe he passed by a donut place and knows you are obsessed with donuts, or a Drake song came on his Spotify and he knows you love Drake. If a guy texts you something like, “I saw this and it reminded me of you,” that’s cute, and means he actually was listening when you told him about your weird obsession with 80s horror films or whatever.

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