15 Of The Best Horror Films To Watch This October

Fall is definitely the time to “Netflix and chill.” Cold weather, cozy blankets, hot chocolate, and a good ass movie. YAS! With October around the corner, I think we’re all excited for the endless amount of horror films. Am I right? There’s plenty of them out there, but we’ve gathered some of the best ones to watch with your bae this time around…

1. Nightmare On Elm Street

This ’80s movie is known for keeping you up at night. It features young and dreamy Johnny Depp, too. Btw, you might wanna bulk up on endless coffee supplies. You don’t want Freddy getting you in your sleep! You can watch it on YouTube.

2. The Shining

This iconic thriller film was made after Stephen King’s novel The Shining. It’s available on Netflix.

3. Psycho

This movie stars Jamie Lee Curtis’ mom, Janet Leigh. The bathroom scene will make you never want to shower again. Psycho also won two awards. Watch it here.

4. Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction is about a total stalker, starring Glenn Close and Michael Douglas. Maybe your parents know who they are. Watch it here.

5. Halloween

It’s only obvs to watch Halloween in October. It’s one of the “must watch” movies. Just like the rest of John Carpenter’s movies, it’s a thriller you’ll love. It’s soundtrack theme music is something you’ll always remember, too. You can watch it here.

6. Carrie

Another Stephen King book that turned into a movie was CarrieDon’t let the ’70s look fool you. This movie definitely gives the creeps. This was the debut of ’70s babe Sissy Spacek’s career. Watch it here.

7. Single White Female

This is the movie that inspired the making of The Roommate. It’s a flick about how obsession can turn deadly. A thriller, for sure. Watch it here.

8. Orphan

This 2000s horror film has a plot twist like never before. It stars mother from Bates Motel, Vera Farmiga. Watch Orphan here.

9. The Silence Of The Lambs

Starring actors Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster, The Silence of the Lambs is a psychological thriller/horror that is listed as a classic. Watch it here.

10. Misery

Another Stephen King book turned into film that is very well known in the horror category is Misery. This movie stars actors Kathy Bates and James Caan. It’s something that celebrities would be terrified to see because it could happen to them. There’s nothing like a crazy number 1 fan. Watch it here.

11. What Lies Beneath

If Michelle Pfeiffer is in it, you know it’s good. Nonetheless, this film is a psychological thriller that shows how affairs can end deadly. You can watch it here.

12. Thirteen Ghosts

Another horror film from the 2000’s that’s worth watching is Thirteen Ghosts. The scary movie is about a family that inherits a house with a little surprise already there. Do they stay or do they go? You can watch it here.

13. Scream

Obvs if it’s starring Drew Berrymore it’s worth watching, but Scream is a good horror flick. There’s nothing like a killer stalking his victims through telephone to get your heart racing. Watch on Netflix here.

14. Poltergeist 

Poltergeist has been ruled a timeless horror film. Not only is the film creepy, but events that have happened during filming and afterwards were too. Maybe it’s because they allegedly used real corpses and skeleton bodies while filming. Watch it here.

15. The Blair Witch Project

This movie launched the idea of horror documentaries like Paranormal ActivityIt’s scary because it seems so realistic. They’re average people, not movie stars and they experience some weird shit. Sounds like it could happen to anyone. Watch it here.

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