6 Signs You’re Still Not Over Your Ex

Relationships are weird. Sometimes you get over a dude faster than last season’s Forever 21 faux-fur vest, and sometimes you take fucking forever to get over them.

It’s cool because we’ve all been there, but sometimes you think you’re over someone and deep down you’re really not. You don’t want to get drunk months from now and realize you never got over your ex bae, right?

Here are some signs that you’re not totally over your ex so that you can take the steps (and time) you need to actually get the F over them.

1. You Still Stalk Them On Social Media

While some may argue that blocking and/or unfollowing your ex on social media shows that you’re immature, we’d argue that it actually shows that you’re ready to move on. Even if you may not be over them right when you hit that “unfollow” button, blocking them out of your life will show that you’re ready to move on and are taking steps to do that. If you still occasionally spend time checking their pages to see if they look happy or have been hanging with anyone new, you’re clearly not over them and are making it harder on yourself. Focus on what’s going on with your life, not your ex’s.

2. Your Heart Drops When You Hear Their Name

You know that feeling when your heart drops into the pit of your stomach? Yeah, it’s shitty, and if you’re still feeling something similar when you hear your ex’s name (even if it’s not actually your ex that whoever is talking about), it means you’re probs not over them.

3. It Would Bother You If They Dated Someone Else – A Lot

It’s normal to be a little jealous when your ex starts dating someone new, especially if it’s someone you know. But there’s a difference between feeling weird that you’ve been replaced and being seriously upset and heartbroken at the fact that there’s no longer a chance you two will get back together.

4. You “Hate” Them

Hating your ex doesn’t mean that you’re over them. In fact, it probably means that you’re not over them at all. If you still go out of your way to talk shit on your ex, it means you’re not only immature, but seriously still in love with them. After all, hate is not actually the opposite of love. If you were really over your ex you would feel indifference.

5.  You Purposely Try To Run Into Them

If you keep visiting the places where you and your ex would go, you’re never going to get over them. Stop going to your old fave bar in the hopes that you’ll run into him and he’ll see how great you’re looking now that you channeled all your post-breakup energy into SoulCycle. It’s not going to happen, and if you do run into him, you’re probably going to make a fool of yourself because you’re clearly not over him. Find some new favorite places to go, and stop haunting you and your ex’s old spots.

6. You Date People That Remind You Of Them

First off, having a type is bullshit. Second off, it’s one thing to be into tall guys with brown hair, it’s another to be into guys that look identical to your ex. You shouldn’t be looking for a replacement right off the bat, and you definitely shouldn’t be looking for a replacement that is weirdly similar to your ex. Take some time for yourself instead of trolling Bumble for the long-lost twin brother of your ex.

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