Why You Need To Get The F Over The Guy That You Were Never Dating

“No labels, no expectations, no dissapointment…right?”

While this practice may sound good in theory, too many girls it seems that we justify a guy’s shitty behavior on the fact that he’s not technically our boyfriend (and probably never will be).


“What’s up? I though Jason was supposed to be your date for tonight.”

“Oh, well he had something else to do last minute so I’m just rolling solo.”

“That’s kind of a dick move.”

“Oh no it’s fine, it’s not like he’s my boyfriend or anything.”

Do you hear yourself? So it’s okay for somebody to treat you disrespectfully as long as he’s not your boyfriend? If your friend did half the shit this a**hole guy did to you, you would probably not be friends with her, so why do you put up with it for a dude?

Because you’re crazy about him, right?

While no one, and I mean no one, can understand what makes you become a living doormat for this guy, you can’t help it. But you, my friend, need a reality check:

He’s Never Going To Date You

The longer you’ve been putting up with a guys bull, the more he realizes he can get away with. Boys are straight shooters, no matter how “complicated” they may claim to be. If he doesn’t want to date you now, he’s not going to want to date you ever. And besides, why the hell would you want him to? So you can deal with his same shady behavior and close yourself off to guys who might actually treat you right?

You’re In Love With a Fantasy

Hold up and try to make a list of the things you like about this dude. What is it really? Sure, maybe he’s funny or got a nice butt, but at the end of the day you probably are still clinging onto that first time he expressed interest in you or an illusion of what you could be together. I’m sure he made you feel special, or sexy, or whatever he needed to make you feel to get into your pants, and that’s great. But that feeling is not something that’s going to be reciprocated again by him, because guess what? He already got into your pants and knows he’s got your heart on a string. No matter how many times you day dream about the day he changes and wants to wife you up, it’s not going to happen.

You’re Closing Yourself Off To Other Options

Sure, you’re single in reality, but secretly you’re still clinging onto this dude with your heart. Every time you meet a new potential guy, you subconsciously push him away in the hopes that one day the guy you’re crazy about is going to change and want to be with you. The sooner you let go of this guy, the sooner you may find someone who treats you like a priority, not an option (and if you don’t right away, that’s okay too).

You Will Always Feel Unwanted

Having a guy that only hits you up when he’s lonely (and/or horny) is extremely detrimental to your self esteem. When he ditches you, you feel that you’re not worth it. When you see him out with another chick, you feel that you should’ve been hotter/funnier/kinkier. You should never let some idiot affect your self worth.

He’ll Break Your Heart Over and Over

You know that feeling where your stomach drops and it feels as if your heart was ripped from your chest? Oh yeah, heartbreak, right? The reason it’s been so hard to get over this dude is because you’re letting him break your heart over and over again. Whether you see him hooking up with another girl or he cancels plans (again); by giving him second, third, and fourth chances, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

You’ll Be Known As “That Girl”

The only thing worse than feeling heartbroken is feeling like a fool. Do you really want his friends to refer to you as “that girl that’s obsessed with Alex?” Probably not. If you let him, he will make you into one of those “crazy girls” that you make fun of with your friends. To his future conquests, he’ll warn them against his “crazy ex.” You don’t deserve a label like that (or if you do, get it together girl).

No more Mr. Nice Girl. You’ve given him chance after chance, and he’s blown them all. The only way you’re truly going to get over this guy is if you cut him out of your life completely. Don’t even pretend that you can be “just friends” with this guy because guess what- you’re already just friends! Yeah, he’s not your boyfriend. He never was, he never will be, and eventually you’ll be happy about that- I promise.

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