6 Positions that are way better than 69

“Wine me, dine me, 69 me” is a great slogan to write in your Tinder bio.

But in reality, 69ing is slightly overrated. Try these positions instead.

1. Doggy Style

Doggy style is not just for penetration, it can also be an interesting way to change up oral. Get on all fours like you normally would, except instead of having your man thrust into you, have him get on all fours as well and start licking your lady parts. It’ll be fun because you won’t be able to see him and predict his moves, kind of like having a blindfold on without actually having a blindfold on.

2. Elevated

Getting head while seated above your partner is a surefire way to amp up your man’s mediocre eating out skills. Seriously, having your man below you allows him better access to all your bits and magically makes everything feel better. Try lying down on your bed while your man kneels on the floor, or try sitting on your kitchen table, or washing machine; or wherever. If you need an added bonus, try sitting on your washing machine while it’s on.


If you’ve used Tinder or ever posted a scandalous selfie on Instagram, you’ve probably had a guy ask for your to sit on his face. But, have you ever actually done just that? It can feel super personal and uncomfortable literally sitting naked on a guy’s face, but lots of guys actually love it. They’re got your most personal parts right in their face, plus they can easily reach around and grab your butt. Seems like a prime position for everyone involved.

4. Against The Wall

If you tried doggy style and liked it, change it up by standing up against the wall with your butt out. Depending on your partner’s height, he might want to sit in a chair behind you. Either way, standing up while receiving oral can feel super naughty and can quickly transition into you getting railed against the wall, which is even hotter.

5. Macho Man

If you’re lucky enough to be banging a bro with biceps, have him lift you up against the wall so that your legs are draped over his shoulders while your lady bits is in his face. As long as he can hold you up while moving his tongue, this should be a blast. Just make sure that you don’t start shaking too hard while you finish. You don’t want to fall over.

6. The Lazy Lady’s 69

Wouldn’t 69 be better if you could lay down on your side instead of awkwardly hunching over with a hard peen in your face? Turns out, side by side laying down 69 works just as great (if not better) than the OG 69. This is great for some morning nookie because you don’t even have to get up to start having foreplay, seems like a win-win to us.

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