7 Scandals Surrounding the 2017 Grammys Already

The Grammys just released their 2017 nominees, and we’re thinking this could get really interesting.

I mean, if you’ve been paying attention to pop culture lately, you’ve probably noticed that everything is kind of going to shit. Like there was a glitch in the celeb matrix, or something.

The Grammy nominees seem to just reiterate the fact that so many celebs are feuding, lots aren’t in the right state of mind, and whoever was on the Grammys board clearly has something against Selena Gomez and Katy Perry.

Here’s what has us scratching our heads re: the 2017 Grammys.

1. Will Taylor or Kim Come Out From Hiding?

Pop culture has been pretty dead lately, partially because many of the usually gossip-worthy peeps have been MIA, including Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Besides brief sightings of Kim in seriously bummy outfits or Taylor occasionally supporting her squad, the two ladies have been hibernating or some shit.

Taylor has previously attended the Grammys, and won 10 herself. But Taylor didn’t attend the VMAs, and since Kanye West’s “Famous” (a song she notoriously loathes) got nominated for two awards, she may feel that she has to hold her ground, even though Kim K says she knew about all of the “Famous”-related drama in the first place, and Kanye had the receipts to prove it. Either way, this isn’t going to be a straightforward smile-and-nod Grammy appearance for Tay.

Speaking of Kanye…

2. Kanye Is Boycotting

It’s unclear what exactly is going on with Kanye lately, but considering he just spent a week in the hospital, it seems pretty serious. Kanye and Kim have both said they’re “taking the rest of 2016 off,” which must be nice for them, but does that mean Kanye will be gucci to show face at The Grammys and possibly take home one or two awards? Only time will tell.

UPDATE: He’s allegedly not showing up. Yikes.

3. Beyonce Probs Doesn’t Want To See Kanye

Remember when Kanye was so pro-Beyonce that he got up on stage when Taylor Swift was claiming her award at the VMAs? Well he recently called Beyonce out at his Sacramento concert, claiming he “went down for seven years” because of her, and essentially said she rigged the VMAs. Casual.

4. Selena Got Snubbed

Selena has come out of hiding after taking a break for her mental health, allegedly, but the Grammys didn’t give a fuck if she was back or not, they didn’t think “Hands To Myself” or “Kill Em With Kindness” were good enough for any mention. Poor Sele.

5. Chainsmokers Are Considered a “New Artist”

Okay, everyone was obsessed with “Closer” and now almost everyone is sick of it. That’s not to say The Chainsmokers and Halsey don’t deserve an award for the track. What they don’t deserve is an award for Best New Artist. I mean, hello? This isn’t The Chainsmokers’ first hit. Did we forget about “#Selfie” or “Roses” or “Don’t Let Me Down,” all of which they won awards for? No, they weren’t Grammys, but still, that was in 2014.

Also, Chance The Rapper should obviously win. If the Grammys make a Macklemore-over-Kendrick-style best new artist mess again, people are gonna be pissed.

6. Justin Bieber Is Also Acting Strangely

Just like Kanye, Justin Bieber has also been displaying some interesting behavior. Justin’s been talking about the evils of Instagram, trying and failing to disguise himself in foreign countries, and overall being a bit of a weirdo. Is it possible he has mental health issues, similar to Kanye? Or is it something totally different? Whatever it is, it seems crazier than his usual “bad boy” antics. Hopefully he’s okay, but either way, the Grammys will be a strange time for him. Or he’ll just publicly weep onstage like last year.

7. It’s Been Confirmed That Nobody Liked “Rise”

Sure, we appreciated Katy Perry’s unwavering dedication to Hillary Clinton, but the song “Rise” kind of blew. The Grammys also decided not to throw Katy a bone. In fact, Katy surprisingly has never even won a Grammy, even though she’s broken tons of world records. Maybe they’re just haters. Or maybe secretly Trump supporters?

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