Kim K Reappeared in LA Looking ‘Somber’ In Bike Shorts

It’s a scientific fact* that you can tell a lot about a person’s mental state from the way they dress.

Generally speaking, Kim Kardashian West likes to dress in a way that flaunts her considerable assets, from her naked nipples to her national treasure of a badonkadonk.

Recently however, she’s been dressing differently. Very differently.

Last week, she was spotted wearing an oversized hoodie pulled over her face, a baseball cap, nondescript jeans and what appeared to be Vans.

This week, she was spotted again wearing an oversized hoodie, what appears to be Vans and nondescript bike shorts.

“She made a brief, 30-minute trip to a restaurant in Beverly Hills,” a source told E! News. “She was with a female friend and looked very downcast and somber, not wanting to be seen.”

Great thesaurus words for “sad,” source.

Obviously this is a very trying time for Kim K, but it just pains us to see her dress this way, because we know it’s paining her, too.

Feel better soon, Kimmy.

*It is not a “scientific” fact. It is a “from my brain” fact, more commonly known as an opinion. I apologize for any confusion.

[H/T E! News]


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