Kim Finally Left the House & She Looks Really Different

On Thursday morning, TMZ caught Kim leaving her apartment for the first time since she came back to New York and we couldn’t help but notice that something was very different about her appearance.

Namely, you could barely even tell it was her.

While recently Kimmy’s been opting for outfits that showcase her naked nipples and svelte frame, today she opted for an outfit typically reserved for an “I’m so hungover and bloated I want to pretend like I’m not a human” kind of look.

You may want to sit down because what we’re about to tell you is shocking.

Kim left her house wearing a baseball cap, an oversized hoodie pulled over her face, nondescript jeans, and what appears to be Vans.

Vans?! On Kim Kardashian’s feet?

We never thought we’d live to see the day.

No wonder North West looks so concerned.


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