Taylor Swift Will Come Out of Hiding for Gigi’s Fashion Show Tonight

The last few months have not been too kind for Taylor Swift.

First, literally no one believed her rebound relationship was real, but she still dragged it on for three months, even dispatching Tom to swear up and down that it was the real deal. Then, Kim Kardashian exposed her for lying about having approved Kanye West’s line about her in “Famous.”

If she wasn’t rich, famous, tall, and gorgeous, we’d almost feel bad for her!

So she’s been laying low for a while. Chilling out. And everyone’s been wondering when she’s going to be seen in public again (besides the time she crab-walked to her car last month to hide from the paparazzi).

And now, thanks to an interview Gigi Hadid granted on to promote her fashion show with Tommy Hilfiger, we know that Taylor is going to return to public life, and it’s going to be tonight, at said Tommy show!!!

Here are the deets from WWD:

Some of the biggest news from the press conference was that Hadid squad member Taylor Swift will be in attendance, Hilfiger noted, saying, “One of the things that we really had to organize was getting the right seat for Gigi’s friend Taylor Swift.”

Well, damn! Taylor might have skipped the VMAs in shame but she can’t back out from this one now, it’s been in Women’s Wear Daily for pete’s sake.

And lucky for us, Tommy x Gigi is gonna be all tf over Instagram and Snapchat. If you wanna see Taylor’s revenge outfit (snake-print top?) just stay glued to your phone like always.

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