Taylor Swift Is Skipping the VMAs Because Boys Are Mean

Taylor Swift is reportedly skipping them this year, despite the fact that the VMAs are being held in New York, Taylor lives in New York, and has been to the VMAs almost every year since 2008.

Multiple sources confirmed this news to Us Weekly, and while their official answer as to why is because Taylor  didn’t get nominated for anything, we have an alternative theory: it’s because boys are mean.

Think about it.

Kanye West has been given four minutes to do literally whatever the fuck he wants at the VMAs this year.

He could perform “Famous,” he could go on a rant about how Taylor Swift is a snake, or he could do something super art school and bat shit that has nothing to do with her. But no matter what he does, you know the cameras would cut to Taylor Swift’s face every five seconds, and even if she kept her most genuine-looking smile plastered on her face, her choice of facial expressions would still launch hundreds of headlines.

Also, Taylor Swift and Kanye West haven’t been in public together since all that “Famous” drama went down. Things could get awkward, or even nasty depending on whether or not Kim lets Kanye bring a bottle of Hennessy in with him.

Then, you have the other elephant in the room: Calvin Harris.

“This is What You Came For” is nominated for Best Collaboration so there’s a good chance that Calvin Harris will be in the house.

If he wins, he could give Taylor a petty shout out in his acceptance speech. After all, that’s what she would have done, and actually did do in 2013 when she gave a not-so-cryptic shout out to Harry Styles for inspiring her to write “Trouble.”

Even if Calvin doesn’t win, the thought of having to be in the same room as an ex who went around and ran his mouth about how horrible and fake you are after you broke up doesn’t sound fun.

In fact, throw in the Kanye factor and a whole bunch of journalists and camera operators looking for a story and nothing about the VMAs sounds fun anymore.

It just sounds like Taylor Swift’s worst nightmare.

While there’s a small chance Taylor would have braved the storm if Tom Hiddleston wasn’t contractually obligated to be in Australia, there’s no way in hell she’d go it alone because Taylor Swift may be a lot of things, but she’s not dumb and only a dumb ass would ever willingly spend the night hanging out in the same room as their sworn foe and petty ex without proper protection.

It’s a shame though.

That would have made KILLER TV.

Oh well, there’s always next year.

[H/T US Weekly]

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