Sad Bro Calvin Harris Might Be Responding to Instagram Comments About T Swift

The whole Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift split has been filled with unexpected, very middle school developments.

While T Swift and Tommy boy have remained consistent in their commitment to following the revenge PDA playbook, Calvin Harris has been all over the place.

First he tweeted out that everything was chill between them, then, after news of his ex and her new boo started circulating, he unfollowed T Swift and deleted all their pictures together, and then passive aggressively wore Yeezy shoes in public.

Then, out of the blue, he re-followed her, and yesterday continued his bizarre breakup strategy by deciding it would be a good idea to respond to Instagram comments about his ex.

These comments ranged from Calvin spilling the tea on who wore the pants in the relationship:


To dropping some not-so-subtle shade:



To explaining his rationale for unfollowing and then re-following Taylor:


Calvin’s rep swears Calvin wasn’t the one who wrote those comments, but seeing as the comments were quickly deleted and there’s been no mention of Calvin getting hacked, we’re not 100% sold.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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