Taylor Swift Continues Her ‘I’m With Tom Hiddleston Now’ Tour At Selena Gomez Concert

Well, looks like Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston aren’t done making their totally real and not staged at all relationship a thing.

Next stop: a Selena Gomez concert.

Out of all the places we thought we’d see Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston next, it sure as fuck wasn’t dancing the night away at a Selena Gomez concert. But then again, sometimes love makes you do strange things, like go to a 23-year-old’s pop concert when you’re a 35-year-old English man.

Like just saying, not to shade Selena or anything, but normally the only reason why you see serious actors at a pop star’s concert is either because their kids want to go, or because that pop star’s name is Beyoncé/Rihanna.

Still, it happened, and Taylor and Tom were caught on Snapchat dancing to Selena’s hit song “Same Old Love.”

“Taylor invited Tom to go,” a source told E!. “Tom always wants to please Taylor and show her that her friends matter. Taylor likes that about Tom.”

Uh, of course she does. Her new boyfriend is whipped and willing to do anything she asks of him. What else is a girl looking for in a rebound?


Which Tommy boy technically has, but if there was ever a case for somebody having Dad abs, this is it.

Are they your favorite couple yet, or still nah?

[H/T E!]

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